Problem Party Houses


While there is no quick fix, following proper reporting protocol can help the LAPD and the neighborhood control and prevent future issues.

This will help the Prosecutor build strong cases against residents, promoters and property owners which can lead to a party house being closed down.

  • Report the arrival of the following immediately: Caterers, Valets and Party Rental Companies arrive on the scene late in the afternoon on the day of a party. Call 877- ASK- LAPD
  • Email the Neighborhood Prosecutor before end of business day: for the Knolls/Lakeridge Estates; Diego Edber for the Manor
  • Email Field Deputies to Councilmember David Ryu, Catherine Landers and Alice Roth:

Once a party house is in full swing, there are still things that can be done.

  • Call 877 – ASK – LAPD and make a report.
  • If you choose not to report anonymously, ask LAPD to have the responding officer close the loop on your complaint by letting you know what actions were taken (were citations written at the scene?) once they arrive at/leave the scene.
  • Follow up your complaints to LAPD with bullet pointed, detailed emails to:
    • Neighborhood Prosecutor
    • LAPD Senior Lead Officer Tracey Fields: for the Knolls/Lakeridge Estates; Diego Edber for the Manor

Problem Party Houses also make money for property owners as locations for film shoots. Report any film shoot activity at known party houses to LAPD, follow up with an email to:

  • Senior Lead Officer Tracey Fields:
  • Officer Garbriel Martin of the LAPD Film Unit:

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